29 September 2012 @ 03:52 pm
What movie genre is your life? Survey taken from [livejournal.com profile] __surveyxwhore.

You've had the same boyfriend all through high school till now
You've fallen in love with your best friend (and him/her has fallen as well)
Danielle Steel novels are your favourite
You've had a secret admirer before
Your favorite kiss is the jumping on someone and kissing them deeply
You love flowers
You like pop and country
You dream about the perfect wedding
Red or pink are one of your favorite colours (the colour of the heart)
You've had a guy friend/boyfriend paint your toenails before for you
You base who you'll date on how they compare to romance movies/novels
Someone you never thought would fall for you has fallen for you before.
Total: 5

You're well known as being a ditz
You are or were the class clown
You don't go a day without laughing
You've embarassed yourself in front of a large group of people
You're not a very serious person
You crack jokes all the time
People say you're really hyper.
Dane Cook is a silly b****!
You like to pull pranks on people
You always find the funny part of things
Your life isn't perfectly planned out
Your the "spur" of the moment type person
Total: 7

You've spread a rumor about a friend/someone else
Someone has spread a rumour about you
You're very emotional
There's lots of twists in your life
You're pessimistic
You LOVE to get revenge
You always need to get to the bottom of things
If someone said something about you, you'd confront them about it
You like to/ or have friends in big groups
You can't keep secrets
People tell you not to be too serious all the time
You've cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend before
Total: 4

You have some form of disorder/illness
You've lost more than 4 people in your family/friends to death
You've been suicidal before
You cry a lot
You're always listening to sad music
You feel like everyone is always against you
The unexpected makes you nervous
You like to bully/pick on other people
Someone getting hurt amuses you
You screw up a lot, or at least feel like you do.
People always seem to let you down.
Total: 4

You have very vivid/scary dreams.
Scaring people is fun
You've witnessed a murder/someone dying.
You always feel like someone is watching you
You LOVE being scared.
Horror movies are your favourite.
You'd like to be a ghost watcher/finder.
Vampires are so cool!
Loud screaming music is your thing.
You're a very timid person (get scared easily)
When the phone rings, you always expect the worst.
Total: 0

You have good morals
You're still a virgin
You believe in marriage before sex
You like black and white better than color
You like dressing up really fancy
You think guys should still hold doors open for you
Men should approach women.
Marriage is something that should be taken very seriously, and for the long haul, no matter what happens.
You wear very little makeup
You're music taste is very 60's/70's and 80's.
Total: 5

You're always on the move
You always start fist fights
You've wished to be some sort of super hero before.
You like watching/taping fights
Wrestling is one of your favorite things to watch
You've always got a comeback to something someone has said.
You think you're tough
The unexpected excites you.
You're very daring
You've been bungee jumping/or would go bungee jumping.
You've survived something tragic.
Total: 1

You express yourself through some form of dancing
You're always breaking out into song
People can tell what mood you're in by the type of music you're listening to
People tell you that you're pretty random most of the time
You're always smiling
You're very dramatic
You like to dress up
You hope to become an actor/actress
You love to dance!
You're good at doing impersonations.
You over exaggerate a lot.
Total: 7
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